Western Dressage

Western Dressage Association of America, WDAA, is fairly new, only being started in 2010, but has filled a real need to bring proven Classical Dressage methods to the Western style American breed horses. The WDAA states "The horse itself is important to everyone. Far too many horses fail to become suitable mounts due to mistakes made along the training path. That path is a significant journey for both horse and rider, and it is one that benefits from the practice of Classical Dressage. Although Classical Dressage techniques have been used by top western horsemen and horsewomen for many years, until now there has never been an organized effort to give that combination a name and recognize it as its own discipline. The Western Dressage Association® has now done that in the hopes that many more horses and their owners/riders will benefit as a result."   

 Tiffany's education in Classical Dressage allowed her to take an American Breed Paint Quarter Horse to Oklahoma's World Western Dressage show and won 2 classes with the highest score in both 1st and 2nd level.    

Western Dressage encourages  all breeds and styles of horse and rider to enjoy the ideal relationship with light hands, subtle cues, and an appreciation, of good balance both for rider and horse. 

"I am a very proud Show Mom and believe we owe our success to Tiffany’s correct dressage training.” -Mary Teran at the World Western Dressage Championships.


2016 World Western Dressage Championships in Oklahoma

Tiffany received high point


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