Tiffany won the 2016 Western Dressage World Championship in Oklahoma


Thinking back on 2016 Western Dressage World Championship.

Thank you Mary for the memories.

Story by Daily Press a newspaper in Apple Valley Calif.

Travelers to Guthrie included Mary and her dressage trainer Tiffany Beck Dressage with two horses in tow — Mary’s gelding Rio Hondo and his barn buddy Whiskey, Bob's Quarter Horse, traveling along as moral support.

Mary had found herself facing knee replacement surgery awhile ago. Rather than let Hondo sit idle while she recovered, Mary arranged with Tiffany, her trainer of 10 years, to ride Hondo regularly to keep him fit.


Competing in a few Western Dressage shows earlier this year resulted in Hondo getting consistently good scores. In fact, Horse Talk reported that the “Rio Hondo-Beck” team received high point in Western Dressage at the Equestrian Trails Inc. World Show in Burbank last June 25 2016.


“We set a goal of going to the Western Dressage World show,” Mary said. “For me it was a daunting goal, having never hauled horses across the country, but my husband Bob was very supportive.”

She said the decision to take Whiskey along was a good one, too, because Hondo has difficulties trailering alone and is relatively new to the show scene. The World Show was so much bigger than anything he had ever done, so hauling his BFF was an easy call.

“We stopped often along the two-day trip to rest the horses and then had two days to settle in at the Lazy E Arena,” Mary said. Lots of hand-walking, some casual riding, with bit of grazing and relaxation before the competitions made Hondo a happy camper, and Mary said Tiffany and Hondo both deserved to be there.


In Level 1 with 37 competitors, Tiffany Beck Dressage won the class with a score of 69 percent, Mary said. “She won a beautifully embroidered World Championship jacket.” Tiffany repeated with a win in the Level 2 championship class with a 72.2 percent, a score that made the team the “California High Scoring Horse.” In addition to earning a second embroidered jacket — this one for Mary — Tiffany won a set of etched silver stirrups donated by the state affiliate, California Western Dressage Association, CAWDA.