Horse Training

It can be very  beneficial to have a professional ride your horse whether you want your horse to learn something new or have them refresh old skills that they might have lost. 


Tiffany offers full or part-time training that can be interchanged between lessons and her working solo with your horse. It is also is cheaper to put a horse in part-time training than paying for individual lessons.


Tiffany Beck has professionally ridden and trained over 300 horses, including many different breeds, styles, and disciplines.  Her insight and appreciation of the sport afford Tiffany the tools to successfully teach others. She shares her knowledge by helping riders from beginner to advanced levels.


      Full training is the fastest way to improve both the conditioning and training for horse and rider.  The training pyramid (training step by step) can be taught specific to each horse and rider team so the training will best cater to your individual needs. Training and exercises will be addressed to your specific showing goals or any personal issues you need to improve.

     Tiffany is experienced with following the systematic classical German Training Scale which focuses on rhythm, thoroughness collection, and a balanced seat.

     While Tiffany spends much of her time improving fundamental skills in the arena, she also believes it is just as important to spend an equal amount of time on the trail for both confidence, enjoyment, and bonding time for horse and rider. So any horse in full training will get the chance to improve their skills and their bond using our beautiful trails. 

     Tiffany has advanced lunging skills to gymnasticize both horse and rider, specializing in lunging rider exercises to improve  balance and strength to gain an independent seat.  Along with extensive experience working with natural horsemanship, both freely and on the lead-line. she is also proficient at working through trailer problems and making a confident, well-traveled mount.

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"Dressage is the art of putting one crooked body on top of another crooked body and making them both straight."

-Reiner Klimke

Personalized Training

Contact Tiffany and tell us more about you and your unique scenario for a personalized lesson plan.


Trailer Training

After many years of showing, competing, and traveling long distances with horses across country, Tiffany has extended experience with helping horses become a confident and easy load. Weather you're struggling with loading refusals or anxious travelers, Tiffany has methods for each individual to make trailering an easy and simple experience. Tiffany makes sure both horse and owner learn these methods to the fullest, so trailering will be uncomplicated on all your future adventures!