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Each horse and rider will be treated as an individual, in a beautiful environment in which your horse will be confident, correctly trained, and a pleasure to ride.


Tiffany likes to take the time to help the the rider develop an independent, well balanced seat first. There are lots of exercises to achieve a balanced seat, some on the lunge line, where the rider can focus on good muscle memory, without needing to direct the horse. Once a rider has developed a independent seat to their hands, the horse to rider bond will feel amazing.  

Tiffany has several different level and type of lesson horses available to chose from, for beginners, intermediate and even a Dutch Warmblood Schoolmaster Tiffany competitively showed to PSG. 


Tiffany Beck Dressage 

Lessons with own horse $60.00

Lessons using lesson horse $65.00

Advanced FEI schoolmaster $85.00

Travel to your facility $85.00 (Price might vary depending on distance).