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Our Horses

For riders that don't have a horse of their own, Tiffany's stable offers well loved and trained lesson horses for all different levels of riders



AKA "The Couch"

Levi is the kind of horse with a heart that no amount of money can buy. He is our best kids horse and I trust him with my life. He has taught most of our beginners the basics of saddling, steering, and posting, while his sweet, laid back personality gives kids and beginners the confidence they need to progress. 


Ochata is a 15.2 h appaloosa with a heart of gold and a multitude of skills in dressage, western pleasure, jumping, and hunting. Our fun, intermediate level horse has taught our students how to bend, collect, canter, trailride, and the basics of dressage and jumping. He is a fun, all-around horse you can't help but fall in love with. 



Journey is a 16.3 h Thoroughbred eventer privately owned by Tiffany's daughter. She is available for lessons with our more advanced students, who she helps teach further impulsion and suppleness in dressage, and power and skill in jumping. She shows in dressage and enjoys gymnastics and cross country jumping often. She is a sweet, fun girl with much to offer. 


Our newest star of the barn, Boba is a beautiful 14.2 h Gypsy cross that can take you anywhere. Our sweet boy is a perfect combination of slow enough to handle our beginners and fearful riders, with enough talent to teach our confident riders new skills in both advanced dressage and jumping. He can really do it all.