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It can be very  beneficial to have a professional ride your horse whether you want your horse to learn something new or have them refresh old skills that they might have lost. 


Tiffany offers full or part-time training that can be inter-changed between lessons and her working solo with your horse. It is also is cheaper to put a horse in part-time training than paying for individual lessons.


Tiffany Beck has professionally ridden and trained over 300 horses, including many different breeds, styles, and disciplines.  Her insight and appreciation of the sport afford Tiffany the tools to successfully teach others. She shares her extensive knowledge by helping riders from beginner to advanced levels.


Call Tiffany Beck Dressage to personalize your training plan 760-697-2604.

Tiffany giving Isabell and Tobias a Dressage lesson getting ready for 2021 show season