Dressage achieves balance, suppleness, and obedience with the purpose of improving  and facilitating the horse's performance of normal tasks. If the advanced training stage in reached, dressage may become on adjective in itself. As an equestrian sport defined bey the International Equestrian Federation, dressage is described as "the highest expression of horse training" where "horse an rider are expected to perform memory a series of predetermined movements.

I think most horses enjoy dressage schooling as long as they are fit, healthy and trained sympathetically., There are also those that enjoy showing off when out competing.

Tiffany has advanced lunging skills to gymnasticize both horse and rider, specializing in lunging rider exercises to improve  balance and strength to gain an independent seat.  Along with extensive experience working with natural horsemanship, both freely and on the lead-line. she is also proficient at working through trailer problems and making a confident, well-traveled mount.


Suitability of Horse

All horses used for lungeing a rider must be safe, steady and well accustomed to being lunged in reins. 

For begnners

Experienced, sage horse, comfortable with rider's arm/leg movements. Quiet, moderate gaits. App ropriate size.

If possible, student should use same horse for each lesson.

For more advanced students.

Experienced, safe horse, comfortable with rider's arm/leg movements. 

use a variety of horses with varying gaits.


Tiffany at FEI lever horse shows videos


"Dressage is the art of teaching the horse to carry you. Riding is the art of learning to be a good load to carry."

–Richard Weiss


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