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Classical Dressage and Western Dressage Lessons

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About Me

For over 38 years, Tiffany Beck has dedicated her life, and her heart, to the art of training horses.  She has studied and competed many forms of horsemanship, but her passion is classical dressage. She has professionally ridden and trained over 300 horses, including many different breeds, styles, and disciplines.  Her insight and appreciation of the sport afford Tiffany the tools to successfully teach others. She shares her extensive knowledge by helping riders from beginner to advanced levels. 

At 11 Tiffany began by competing in 50 to 100-mile cross-country Endurance Races.  While at the age of 12 & 13, she won two JR National AERC awards and completed over 3,000 miles in competition.

In her later pursuit of mastering classical dressage, Tiffany became the assistant trainer for Gerhard Politz, an International Instructor and developer of the USDF trainer testing program, for 2 1/2 yrs., during which she had the opportunity to ride and train many FEI level horses imported from Germany. 

Tiffany has advanced lunging skills to gymnasticize both horse and rider, specializing in lunging rider exercises to improve  balance and strength to gain an independent seat.  Along with extensive experience working with natural horsemanship, both freely and on the lead-line. she is also proficient at working through trailer problems and making a confident, well-traveled mount.

Tiffany has successfully trained and competed two of her own horses to Prix St George. She received her USDF Bronze Medal and is currently one test away from completing her Silver Medal requirements. She also competed in the World Western Dressage at Oklahoma, finished in the top 3 in 1st and 2nd level, and was also awarded CWD highest point of the year.

Tiffany enjoys continuing her education and has trained with many top instructors such as: Klaus Balkenhol, Lilo Fore, Sarah Lockman, Gerhard Politz, Carol Plough, John Lyons, Monty Roberts. etc. 

Tiffany is enthusiastic and dedicated to helping both horse and rider reach their full potential, and she is passionate about creating a deep bond between the two. Tiffany also understands that everyone is unique. Each horse and rider will be treated as an individual, in a beautiful environment in which your horse will be happy, correctly trained, and a pleasure to ride. Whether you’re just starting out on your riding journey or looking to work your way up to the FEI levels, Tiffany can help you achieve your goals. 


“There’s something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

– Winston Churchill


Trailer-in lessons

$80 - $95

You are welcome to trailer in with your own horse. Lesson fee is $80 plus trailer-in fee of $15 for non-boarders.

Classical and Western Dressage Lessons


$80 dollars for a professional classical or western dressage lesson on a lesson horse, or $70 on a privately owned horse.


Horse Training


It can be very  beneficial to have a professional ride your horse whether you want your horse to learn something new or have them refresh old skills that they might have lost.  Tiffany offers full or part-time training that can be inter-changed between lessons and her working solo with your horse. It is also is cheaper to put a horse in part-time training than paying for  individual lessons. Call Tiffany to personalize your training plan.

Trailer Training


I have years of experience working with multiple trailer issues, from nervous trailers, to difficult loaders.


Horse Boarding

$600 - 650 Top Barn

Silver eagle stables offers full service horse boarding, field board, and self care options. Clients training directly with Tiffany will have their own barn with indoor or outdoor stalls. 


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